Alcohol and Weightloss

Alcohol vs Weight Loss

  I like to drink alcohol from time to time. Those who know me also know I’m a sporadic drinker, but when I do go for a drink, I like … Continue Reading →

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Not a bodybuilder but a BodySculptor

Many people want to train but they are like “I dont want to get big muscles” Rest assured that you wont wake up one day and be like OMG im … Continue Reading →


How to reduce body fat

    It’s simple: Body fat is reduced when there is a caloric deficit over time. The fundamental principle remains the same, regardless of the specific program followed – eating … Continue Reading →

gratin chicken and sweet potato

Gratin Chicken and Sweet Potato

  If you’re like anybody else then you like to eat. Let’s be honest, what’s more satisfying then eating something delicious, fill your stomach and feel so satisfied that you … Continue Reading →


LowCarb – what is and how to

    To get in Shape means 70% nutrition and 30% training.     This means   in order to get in the shape you desire, you need to understand … Continue Reading →

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Trucs om minder honger te hebben

Doelwit van veel mensen; gewichtsverlies op een gezonde manier en het is niet onmogelijk te bereiken, mits er discipline en vooral bewustzijn is. Toch ontstaat honger altijd en vaak intens. … Continue Reading →

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Home Training

    Bent u klaar om in vorm te komen, het vetpercentage te verminderen maar u weet niet helemaal zeker waar te beginnen ? Begin hier! Ja hier bij u … Continue Reading →


Overtraining and Rest days

Do you know that feeling of having to rest but you think resting only slows down progress. ¨Not training leads to losing gains¨ I had that.. I was feeling restless … Continue Reading →

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How to lose Weight – Nutritional Education

  I often find myself in conversations about health and getting fit and Ive noticed that people like to know how to lose weight so they tell me about the … Continue Reading →

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Eccentric contractions for Growth

    So I had a really good workout on my legs and thought I had killed it. Satisfied and with shaking knees I returned home to eat and sleep. … Continue Reading →

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  “Thats why they call it” a Supplement..     First of all, Im writing this to share my opinion which is a conclusion of my experience so far. Im … Continue Reading →


EJ Wears – Fall Edition

    “ The possibilities of summer are gone, and the chill of winter is on the horizon.” Bring out your Jacks n Hoodies     This is my first … Continue Reading →

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She Wears

“No need for everyone to look the same. The secret is to wear what suits you best!” She Wears             “Adornment, what a science! Beauty, … Continue Reading →

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We Wear

There are a few brands that are just timeless. Levi Strauss & Co.               We were wearing: (from start to bottom) LEVI’S ORIGINAL CREW … Continue Reading →

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Men’s Dutch Champion Physique

  Everybody wants to have a nice summer body, but.. do you have the discipline and motivation to get what you want? (photo: David van Westrienen) Valentino wanted to achieve … Continue Reading →

Reebok Creative Hub

Reebok Creative Hub

    “Reebok Creative Hub” is a project with the purpose to support creative minds. This time they gave stage to 25 local participants that expressed their creativity by the … Continue Reading →

Overcome You MInd

Overcome your Mind

I wanted to write some thoughts down, here they are.. So It has been four months since I’ve moved to Lisbon and honestly I can count on one finger the … Continue Reading →

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Restaurant Chez Degroote at Chiado

Lisbon is a great pittoresque city. The red rooftop view over the city is really surreal and after walking up and down the streets you will get hungry.. As we … Continue Reading →

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Random Stop

“Where are we going”?! Thats what Elias asked me while we entered the metro. I did not have any clue either. I looked at the map and I noticed Campo … Continue Reading →

EiasJoshua Dessert


  I just know this will be as good for you as it was for me and all I served this dessert to ! Link to Ita’s Kookservice ! Go … Continue Reading →